Winter Running

After a few Chicago winters myself and seeing how my brother handles running in the winter, I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that running in the winter really isn't that bad.  I can't use this as a reasonable excuse.  The only reason I get cold is because I didn't dress properly.  Most of the time, I get too hot!  This is also easily remedied by removing a layer.  It takes a few weeks of understanding what you need to wear at 30 degrees and at 5 degrees.

Winter time is usually a sad time of year.  It has a way of forcing us indoors.  But this need not be the case.  I think of Scandinavian countries that embrace the cold.  There is much to be learned from this.  Just because the temperature drops, doesn't mean our routines need to.  If there is a lot of snow, pick up a new hobby of snow shoeing or cross country skiing.  Embrace the winter or move to a warmer location because winter isn't going anywhere.

Photo By: Julia Revitt

In the winter it is easy to lose sight of the reasons why we should stay in our exercise routine.  We can be come conscious and therefore more motivated if we write them down.  Start with the superficial then move into the more meaningful reasons and big goals.  Here are mine:
  • To not get fat.
  • Keep up that tan.
  • Providing space and time to unwind and think.
  • To be an example to my son that doing hard things is rewarding.
  • I would like to complete a 50 mile race within 2 years and a 100 mile race within 4 years.
Set yourself up for success this winter by putting on some extra layers and writing out your motivation for running.  Good luck out there!


  1. But the more layers of fat you have the less layers of clothes you have to worry about. That's how I handle it anyway!

    1. That's why Thanksgiving is at the beginning of the cold weather season!